​Russia begins designing fifth-generation nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine SSBN

Russia has already begun to design fifth-generation nuclear submarines with ballistic missiles, head of Rubin design bureau which created submarines of project 955 (code Borei) Igor Vilnit told reporters.

Illustration: A Soviet DELTA III nuclear powered ballistic missile submarine firing SS-N-18 missiles
“The design is underway,” he said. Vilnit stressed that fifth-generation nuclear submarines will be distinguished from the fourth generation by the armaments.
The series of nuclear submarines of project 955A (code Borei) will be completed by the Prince Pozharsky (the eighth unit) at Sevmash Shipyard, Russian Navy Deputy Commander-in-Chief Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk said.
“The Borei series of 995A will be completed by that submarine (the Prince Pozharsky). The Navy together with Rubin are dealing with the issue,” he said.
It was announced earlier this year that Russia was developing a new submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) to equip future fifth-generation submarines.

Source: navyrecognition.com


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