​Upgraded Project 1164 (Slava-class) Cruiser Marshal Ustinov Returns to Northern Fleet’s Base

The Project 1164 (NATO reporting name: Slava-class) guided missile cruiser Marshal Ustinov has returned to the Northern Fleet’s Naval Station Severomorsk after five-year absence, according to the fleet’s press office. The cruiser has been repaired and upgraded by the Zvyozdochka Shipyard in Severodvinsk since 2011.

The Russian Navy Slava-class cruiser Marshal Ustinov arriving at its Northern Fleet Base of Severomorsk following its modernization.
“At the pier the ship docked to, she was met in a ceremony led by Northern Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Nikolai Yevmenov,” the press office added. Yevmenov said the crew of the upgraded cruiser would immediately start its training and begin to carry out the fleet’s tasks. 
Zvyozdochka has repaired the cruiser and upgraded her weapons control, radio technical and communications systems. The crew accommodations and service rooms have been overhauled too. During October and November 2016, the crew completed the acceptance test program. Following a scrutiny of all the systems and mechanisms on the high seas, the uprated cruiser was handed over to the Northern Fleet. 
The Russian Navy operates three missile cruisers in the class – the Moskva (Black Sea Fleet), Varyag (Pacific Fleet) and Marshal Ustinov (Northern Fleet).

Source: navyrecognition.com


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