​Russia: Su-25SM were moved from Kyrgyzstan to Tajikistan for joint exercise

Ekaterinburg. 9th December. Interfax – Su-25SM relocated to the Kant air base in Kyrgyzstan on Aini airfield in Tajikistan for participation in the joint Russian-Tajik anti-terrorism exercises, the assistant commander of the Central Military District (CVO) Colonel Jaroslav Roshupkin said.

“Su-25SM relocated from the Russian combined Kant base, stationed in Kyrgyzstan, to the Aini airfield, 30 km from Dushanbe to participate in the Russian-Tajik counterterrorism exercises. Together with helicopters 201 military base attack aircraft provided air support company tactical groups of armed forces Tajik and Russian special forces “power” structures, as well as troops closed in the deployment phase “, – said Ya.Roschupkin.

He did not specify the number of planes that take part in the exercises.

According to the officer, after working interaction, common approaches to neutralize conventional gangs, destroying bases, depots, training camps and other facilities simulated enemy attack aircraft back to the airport based in Kyrgyzstan.

United Russia’s Kant military base is structurally part of the Central Military District, is a component of the CSTO Collective Rapid Deployment and participates in securing the territory and airspace of the States members of the Collective Security Treaty Organization.

Source: militarynews.ru


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