Russian New multipurpose fighters Su-35 arrived at the permanent airport in Karelia 

​Moscow. December 6. Interfax-AVN – The new multipurpose fighters Su-35 arrived at the permanent airport in Karelia, told the head the press service of the Western Military District Colonel Igor Mugina, “Interfax-AVN”.

 The multirole fighters generation 4 ++ previously entered into service in the Western Military District, and made a flight from the factory in Komsomolsk-on-Amur airfield permanent base in the Republic of Karelia. The crews flew the route length of more than 8000 kilometers with three fill-ups on operational airfields Central and Eastern military districts, “- said I. Muginov.

According to him, the airport pilots solemnly met by the head of the Republic of Karelia Alexander Khudilainen, commander of Air Division, Major-General Vitaly Shkolenko and staff Fighter Regiment.

“According to the old Russian tradition of pilots met with bread and salt after putting on a parking lot held a ritual consecration of fighters.” – Said I. Muginov.

He stressed that in the near future aircraft crews will begin the implementation of planned training flights and to intercede on combat duty for the protection of air borders of north-west Russia.
The Su-35 is designed and produced by “dry”. This is a deeply modernized super-maneuverable multifunctional fighter generation “4 ++”. It uses fifth-generation technology, providing superiority over similar class fighters. Unlike their predecessors, the aircraft received a new wing, a new control system, new engine with increased thrust and turning the thrust vector, new avionics based on digital information management system that integrates avionics systems, new radar with a phased antenna array with long-range detect air targets and increased number of simultaneously tracked and engaged targets. Radar visibility fighter compared to the fourth generation aircraft reduced by several times.



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