​Russian Marines received new combat gear “Warrior” – Russian Navy

Moscow. 26 November. Interfax – All Russian marines were armed with the combat gear “Warrior” with floating bulletproof vest, deputy chief of the coastal forces of the Russian Navy, Dimitry Gnezdilov

“The combat equipment” Warrior “set in all Marine Connection” – said D. Gnezdilov Saturday on the radio Station “Echo of Moscow”.
He noted that the “Warrior” gear for the Marines is characterized by special floating body armor “Corsair”. “It is not inflated, a Marine with it can safely swim in the water,” – said the representative of the coastal defense troops.
D. Gnezdilov also said that the United Marine Corps continue to supply modern equipment models. “This year, we completed the equipment of the Northern Fleet of the BTR-82A”, – said the colonel.

Set “Warrior” – soldier equipment, also known as the “soldier’s kit of the future.” “Warrior” – part of the overall project to improve the quality of a single soldier on the battlefield through the use of the latest scientific achievements in the field of navigation, night vision systems, monitoring psychophysiological state of a soldier, the use of advanced materials in the manufacture of armor and clothing fabrics. The system is a complex of modern means of protection, communications, weapons and ammunition.

Source: militarynews.ru


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