​Russia offers Egypt advanced weapons, electronic warfare gear to equip Mistral-class LHDs

Russia has offered Egypt sophisticated weaponry and electronic warfare (EW) and communications systems for equipping the Egyptian Mistral amphibious assault ships. The talks are in progress, Vladimir Kozhin, assistant to the Russian president for military-technical cooperation, has told TASS.

ENS Anwar El Sadat L 1020 Mistral class LHD Egyptian Navy

ENS Anwar El Sadat (L 1020) Mistral-class LHD of the Egyptian Navy.

Picture: Egyptian Navy 


“The Russian Federation has offered Egypt a broad range of equipment for installing on the Mistral helicopter carriers. In addition to helicopters, the offer includes up-to-date armament and electronic warfare, navigation, auxiliary and communications equipment,” he said. 
According to Kozhin, the offer was worked out in accordance with the requirements and wishes of Egypt. 

“Russian specialists also have offered their Egyptian partners their recommendations, including the provision of the preparatory work prior to the installation of the hardware on offer. The negotiations aimed at harmonizing the technical and commercial aspects are under way now,” the presidential aide said. 
As was reported in the media, Moscow and Cairo have been discussing a sale of the communications and control systems for the Mistrals. The sale of Kamov Ka-52K (Hokum-B) helicopters – the baseline Ka-52’s ship-based version derived for the Mistrals – is a possibility too. In October 2015, Sergei Ivanov, the then president’s chief of staff, said that Egypt could acquire Russian helicopters and equipment worth over $1 billion to outfit its new ships. 

Source: navyrecognition.com

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