Russian army to receive warheads based on new physical principles

​Missiles with warheads based on new physical principles are being developed for the Russian Army, Chief of Missile Forces and Artillery Lieutenant-General Mikhail Matveyevsky said on Nov. 18.
“As part of the efforts to improve missile armament, we are carrying out work to create promising warheads, including multiple warhead systems, with independently targeted re-entry vehicles, and also with the destructive effect based on new physical principles,” said Matveyevsky.
The general did not specify, however, the principle of the new destructive effect.
Russia and Armenia to create joint defense force in Caucasus

Russia and Armenia to create joint defense force in Caucasus

The definition “on new physical principles” is a notional term designed to underline that the weapon’s destructive factors are based on processes and phenomena earlier unused for military purposes. Such weapons include laser, electromagnetic, geophysical, radiological or genetic weapons.
Russia has already created a super-high frequency (SHF) cannon based on the chassis of the Buk antiaircraft missile system and capable of destroying enemy aircraft at a distance of up to 10 km with a focused electromagnetic impulse.
Russia also plans to mount electromagnetic cannons on domestic sixth-generation fighter jets that are expected to be developed after 2020.
Missile Forces and Artillery are a branch of the Russian Army composed of missile, multiple launch rocket and artillery brigades. They are the basic force for firepower and nuclear destruction of the enemy in combat operations.

Russia is celebrating Missile Forces and Artillery Day on Nov. 19.



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