Russian Aerospace Forces receive third shipment of Su-34 aircraft this year  

MOSCOW, October 31 /TASS/. The Sukhoi Aviation Holding Company (JSC) has turned over a third shipment of the Su-34 bombers to the Russian Aerospace Forces this year, the company’s press service said.

“Today, the Sukhoi Company has turned over a new shipment, a third this year, of Su-34 frontline bomber aircraft to the Russian Defense Ministry under the 2016 state defense order. The customer received the planes on single acceptance day on October 31,” the press service went on to say.
<p>The bombers took off from the airfield of the V.P. Chkalov aviation plant in Novosibirsk and headed for their home base.</p>
<p>The Russian Defense Ministry struck its first Su-34 deal in 2008. The Russian Aerospace Forces are supposed to receive a total of 150-200 aircraft. This plane can carry up to 8 tonnes of weapon payload and develop a speed of up to 1,900 kilometers per hour. Its flying range is 4,000 kilometers. Su-34 bombers took part in the anti-terrorism operation in Syria.



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