​Russian Navy’s multipurpose combat corvette “Derzky”(#Projekt20386) laid down at Severnaya Verf shipyart St. Petersburg

ST. PETERSBURG. Oct 29 The brand new Project 20386 multipurpose combat corvette “Derzky” for the Russian Navy has been laid down at the Severnaya Verf shipyard in St. Petersburg, an Interfax correspondent reported from the ceremony on Friday.
“This ship is a logical continuation to Project 20380, it must become a pride of the Navy,” the Navy’s deputy commander-in-chief for armament, Vice Admiral Viktor Bursuk said at the ceremony.
“The new corvette is multirole and will be serving Russia’s national interests far beyond the nearby seas,” Viktor Chirkov, an advisor to the president of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, said for his part.
The Project 20386 corvette will have a hull and superstructures significantly reducing its radar visibility. The ship will be armed with modern anti-ship and anti-submarine weapons systems, as well as an anti-aircraft missile complex making it efficient in air defense missions. The crew will undergo the full cycle of training at the Russian Navy’s joint training center in St. Petersburg.
The corvette “Derzky” is due to be handed over to the Navy in 2021, the company said in a statement. The corvette is designed for hostilities in near and remote maritime zones, to protect marine communications and merchant vessels. The corvette’s deck will be able to carry a helicopter and unmanned aerial vehicles.
The project was designed by Almaz Central Marine Design Bureau. The project is distinct in that it has a smaller crew and an increased range.
The ship’s characteristics are: displacement 3, 400 tonnes, length 109 meters, width 13 meters, speed 30 knots, range 5,000 nautical miles, crew 80 members.

Source: interfax.com


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