​Russian military pilots provide a landing ship “Soyuz-MS” in Kazakhstan on October 30

Ekaterinburg. 28 of October. The Russian military pilots will provide international landing ship “Soyuz-MS” in Kazakhstan on October 30, the assistant commander of the Central Military District (CVO) Yaroslav Roshupkin.
“Military aircraft relocated from the Urals to the four airport in Kazakhstan for a meeting of the international crew of manned ship” MS Union “, planting is scheduled to Sunday, October 30. Pilots will find the lander, to conduct medical examinations of astronauts and evacuate together with the capsule from the landing site” – Ya.Roschupkin said.

According to him, in the search and rescue support planting involves about 200 troops, 14 helicopters Mi-8, two AN-12 and AN-26 and 20 units of vehicles, including 4 search and evacuation amphibians.

On Earth will return the expedition ISS-49 Russian Anatoly Ivanishin, Japanese astronaut Takuya Onishi and American Kathleen Rubins.

Duty planting lander organized in the center of command and control 14 Army Air Force and Air Defense in Yekaterinburg.

Source: militarynews.ru


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