Belarus receives two Mi-8MTV5-1 helicopters with on-board defense system Vitebsk

​Belarusian army has received its first two Mi-8MTV5-1 helicopters with on-board defense system Vitebsk.

Two new modern helicopters Mi-8MTB5-1 were demonstrated to Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko in the Obuz-Lesnovsky exercise area on 19 October when the head of state took part in the revision of professional skills and competence of Belarusian army officers. That was reported

Belarusian army received six modern Mi-8 helicopters of this modification from the helicopter factory based in Kazan, Russia. The Belarusian army is expected to get another six helicopters of this kind.

The new Mi-8MTV5-1 helicopters equipped with a Vitebsk electronic warfare system. The Vitebsk system already equips the Ka-52 reconnaissance and combat helicopter, Mi-28 attack helicopter, Su-25 assault fighter, Mi-8MTV military transport helicopter and Mi-8AMTSh assault transport helicopter. This is designed for protecting aircraft against enemy anti-air missiles fitted with infrared, radar, or combined homing heads. The system monitors a missile launch within a radius of several kilometer.



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