Updated Pantsyr-M with range of 75 km become a navalized version on the warship Admiral Nakhimov 2017

​Prototypes of a new variant of the Pantsyr mobile air defense system are currently being assembled with production slated to commence in 2018. Designated as Pantsyr-SM, the updated model will boost its detection range from 40 km to 75 km while the engagement range is expected to be doubled as well to 40 km. A navalized version, the Pantsyr-M, will be fielded on the warship Admiral Nakhimov next year. The naval variant features a quad-directional static radar array, and will use both the same missiles as the land-based Pantsyr-S1/Pantsyr-SM and the future Hermes-K missile for use against small surface targets and small aircraft like helicopters.

Source: defenseindustrydaily.com


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