Final stage of Russian-Serbian exercises “BARS-2016” praised by Head of the General Staff of Serbian Armed Forces

Today in Serbia ended a joint Russian-Serbian flight tactical exercise (LTU) “BARS-2016”, which was attended by the crews of aircraft MiG-29 and Mi-8 helicopters of the two countries.
The final episode of teaching, including flights to the complex aerobatics and aerial combat maneuvering on the MiG-29, personally praised the Chief of Staff of the Serbian Armed Forces General Ljubisa Dikovich.

Within a week, joint aviation crews practiced flights at different times of day, intercepting aerial targets, close air combat, complex and aerobatics, as well as landing and search and rescue activities.

A total of more than 30 missions. The flights took place in simple meteouslvoiyah, day and night, in strict accordance with zakonodalstvom the Republic of Serbia.

During the exercises were worked out interaction in mixed crews and gain practical experience in carrying out the tasks of fighter and army aviation as intended.
It has been involved up to 10 units of aviation equipment of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of Serbia.



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