Russian and Belarus paratroopers held joint exercises to perform combat training

On range “Brest” by the decision of the head of the Belarusian-Russian exercise, paratroopers of the Russian Federation was passed 10 units of armored personnel carriers BTR-80 type, the armament air assault units Belarus MTR, the Department of Information and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation Ministry of Defense.

“This decision was taken in order to strengthen the Russian battalion tactical groups in the course of counter sabotage actions in the area of ​​responsibility on one of the stages of the exercise”, – quotes the words of the head of the military department of the Russian delegation of the Airborne Forces of the Russian Federation Armed Forces Colonel Alexei Smirnov.

He added that “in order to improve the collaborative skills

Marines and interaction of Russia and Belarus agreed on the formation of mixed crews of combat vehicles that our practice of joint exercises held for the first time. ”

Smirnov said that the day before at the site “Brest” practical training on teamwork crews were conducted. In the course of employment “winged infantry” of the two countries worked skills dismount from armored personnel carriers on the move, crossing water obstacles, as well as the tactical actions of troops during the offensive and the defensive.

The Defense Ministry of the Russian Federation recalled that the joint Belarusian-Russian military exercises will be held in three stages from 17 to 20 October. In total, the doctrine attracted about 600 paratroopers of Russia and Belarus, involved at least 50 military vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as aviation and Air Defense Force of Belarus.



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